Friday 16 March 2012

Almost a Week in Moray - 11th to 16th March 2012.

For almost two years we have had a certain amount of uncertainty in our lives.

This has partly been due to the Governments desire to do away with the Forestry Commission and divide it between its rich friends, for profit and private pleasure. Hopefully this has been put aside - for the time being at least (but God help us if the Tory rich boys get back in next time - it'll be back on the agenda, to be sure).

The rest of the uncertainty lay with the future of Jim's job. He could have been made redundant.... or TUPE'd into another company.... or transferred....

So, its number 3.

We are moving away from Wykeham Forest, our home of 27 years, and travelling about 400 miles north to Moray, Scotland.

We travelled up there, at the beginning of the month, for a bit of an explore, to get the lay of the land and to look for a new home.

Here are a few photo's.

QUARREL WOOD, BY ELGIN (or Quarry Wood according to the map !)

Quarrel Wood was right by our hotel, so it was handy for those early morning and last thing at night walks with the dogs. It was also a really nice place to be.

Rafe and Hal on the Quarrel Stone, Quarrel Wood, by Elgin (NJ198634)

Rafe and Hal on a morning walk in Quarrel Wood. (NJ196631)

Neolithic Henge in Quarrel Wood, by Elgin. (NJ186631)


Over the bridge to East Beach, Lossiemouth. Jim and the dogs. (NJ237175)

East Beach, Lossiemouth. (NJ240706)

East Beach, Lossiemouth. The dogs and Jim. (NJ243704)


Hal and Rafe in the dunes, Roseisle Forest. (NJ106659)

Rafe and Hal in the dunes by Roseisle beach. (NJ105659)

Rafe, Burghead Bay.

Hal, Burghead Bay.

Burghead from the west.

Hal and Rafe and Pill Box 3, Burghead Bay.

The beach at Burghead looking west.

Rafe by Millie Bothy, Roseisle Forest. (NJ108664)


Findhorn, looking west to Lady Culbin Forest (NJ033649)

From Findhorn (NJ029651) looking north west.

Jim and the dogs, Findhorn (NJ029651)

Burghead Bay looking east from Findhorn.


Findochty - looking east.

From Findochty, looking east.

East of Findochty.

Looking west towards Findochty



Rafe and Hal, West Beach, Hopeman.

Hopeman Harbour. Rafe and Hal.

Hal, Jim and Rafe at Hopeman Harbour.

Hopeman Harbour.

Jim and the dogs on the Sea Wall, Hopeman Harbour.

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