Wednesday 22 February 2012

Vicarious liability for raptor persecutio​n in England

In Scotland, when a gamekeeper, or similar, is caught poisoning, snaring, or otherwise killing birds of prey it is not only the individual who is prosecuted. His or her employer is also prosecuted - known as "offence of vicarious liability". I understand that there have already been successful prosecutions. This will hopefully make the landowners think twice before actively encouraging the offences or turning a blind eye.

An epetition on the Governments epetition website has been started, to encourage a similar law in England. Please use the following link to add your name - it only takes a couple of minutes - and it might just save a few of these beautiful - and legally protected - birds.

The English Hen Harrier is now facing extinction on our uplands
Hen Harrier

I was lucky enough to see a Hen Harrier over Stockdale Moor, Westerdale, on the North York Moors, a few months ago. It is shocking to think that only four of these glorious birds managed to fledge in the whole of England in 2011. Why.......?

The above picture came from the Raptor Politics website - thanks.

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