Monday 19 March 2012

Farndale Daffodils.

The wild daffodils just starting to flower. River Dove, Farndale

Another Voluntary Ranger day, this time at Farndale. The daffodils are just starting to come out - another week or two (Easter weekend I reckon !!) and they will be at their best. But they were still well worth a stroll along the Daffodil Walk from Low Mill to Church Houses.

Beck in Farndale (SE673955)

Farndale, north from near High Wold House

The daffodils are all the wild variety that pre date all the domestic daffs in our gardens. They are quite a bit smaller and don't flower until about a month later than domestic daffodils. Wonderful how they have colonised this remote dale on the North York Moors.

Low Blakey Moor, above Farndale

Even though it was a Monday in March, the sun was out and there were quite a few walkers about.

Farndale, north from near Cote Hill

Farndale, north west from near Cote Hill

Farndale, north west from near Bitchagreen

Wild daffodils by the River Dove, Farndale.

More wild daffodils by the River Dove, Farndale.

Route: Low Mill (SE672952), footpath to High Wold House, footpath to Cote Hill, footpath to River Dove, north to the Daffy Caffy (High Mill), return to start along River Dove footpath.

Statistics: Distance: 4.5km  Ascent: 70m  Time: 1 hour.

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