Thursday 14 July 2011

Talmine and the North Coast - Holiday in the Far North and West of Scotland - Day 7.

The glorious weather continues.

I went for the usual early morning walk around the Grummore clearance village. The sights, sounds and smells have become familiar (in this good summer weather anyway). I love this place.

Ben Klibreck and Loch Naver from a ruined blackhouse,
Grummore clearance village
After breakfast by the loch, Freddie and I had the by now obligatory dip. Jim took the dogs out in the canoe, Rafe taking up a new position at the prow.

Hal at his ease and Rafe looks
comfotable at the prow
Loch Naver

Swim in Loch Naver

A couple of hours were spent relaxing by the Loch, followed by lunch in the sunshine.

Rafe, sunbathing at
Grummore campsite
We drove north in the afternoon, to Tongue, for a bit of shopping at the local shop, to get a puncture mended and to fill up with petrol at the local garage. We couldn't resist taking a photo of the price of the petrol, £1.55.9, it was about £1.35.9 at home and further south in Scotland.

Extra living costs for those in the far north

Tongue Bay from near Talmine (NC588634)
A coastal walk west from Talmine, along an excellent track, in warm sunshine, cheered the dogs up after being stuck in the car for a while.

Tongue Bay from near Talmine (NC588635)

Hal - western coast of Tongue Bay near Talmine
The path was flanked by banks of wildflowers, including orchids.

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Northern Marsh Orchid

Eilean nan Gaill from near Talmine, Tongue Bay

Later we drove to Bettyhill, seeking ice cream. Followed by a walk on the beach at Farr Bay, a paddle and a scrable on the rocks and cliffs.

Farr Bay, by Bettyhill, looking northwest
Surfers at Farr Bay

Farr Bay, looking west.
After tea at the campsite, the evening was finished off by a walk through Grummore clearance village and beyond, to the source of the Grummore Burn with clear views of Ben Loyal.

The blanket bog filled the valley, glorious, wild, and complete in itself.

And then to sleep.

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