Sunday 31 March 2013

March in Hopeman

Ben Wyvis, from East Beach, Hopeman

Photo's taken during March 2013 in and around Hopeman.

Daisy Rock from East Beach, Hopeman

It started cold, but clear and bright...

Rafe, on guard over East Beach, Hopeman

Followed by cold and windy...

Rocks protecting Sheepies Loch, Hopeman

Hive Rock, east of Hopeman

Daisy Rock and Hive Rock, Hopeman

Clashach Bay, east of Hopeman

Daisy Rock and Hopeman Harbour

Daisy Rock

East Beach, Hopeman

East of Hopeman

Daisy Rock and Hive Rock, east of Hopeman

East of Hopeman

Then cold, windy and snowy...

Hopeman Harbour and playing fields

Snowy Hopeman beach huts

Early morning and snow on East Beach, Hopeman

Snowy Clashach Cove

And finally, just cold...

A sunny day begins, east of Hopeman

From Clashach Cove, east of Hopeman

Early morning waves, near Hopeman

Roll on spring...

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Forge Valley.

Foot bridge in Forge Valley at SE985870

A short morning walk with Rafe along the lovely River Derwent in Forge Valley, near East and West Ayton. It was very cold, with a thin layer of snow underfoot which had fallen in the night. We crossed over the footbridge and onto the all access duckboards beside the river. 

Rafe contemplates a paddle in the River Derwent

I had the usual tussle to keep Rafe out of the water, which today, I lost. He wasn't in there long though, it must have been freezing ! 

The River Derwent in Forge Valley, looking south

The walking was easy, the duckboards wide and flat, for just over a kilometre, then we were on the slightly muddy riverbank, passing the weir and then along a field boundary. 

Weir on the River Derwent near Ayton Castle

The path leaves the river, a slight incline and a gate, and Ayton Castle comes into view. 

Ayton Castle appears

Ayton Castle

I lived for some years in East Ayton as a child and the castle was a regular walking destination. At the time it was accessible and we spent many happy hours playing in the ruins. 

Ayton Castle

It is fenced off at the moment and there is some stabalisation work going on by the look of it....

Ayton Castle

Hopefully, the children (and everybody else !) will be able to explore this little corner of history again soon.

Ayton Castle

After a bit of an explore around the medieval pile we returned to our original path and headed back up Forge Valley, this time sticking to the edge of the woods rather than the riverbank, back to the duckboards. 

East Ayton over the River Derwent from Ayton Castle

The River Derwent in Forge Valley, looking north

At the footbridge I chose to walk a short while further to the northern limit of Forge Valley, where it opens up into the wide expanse of Hackness Dale. 

After taking in the views I headed back to the footbridge and the start point. Fresh air (very fresh !) and a bit of a leg stretch in these lovely surroundings - wonderful.... 

Marigolds in the River Derwent, despite the snow

Route:  Car park in Forge Valley (SE985870), cross over the footbridge and follow the Rover Derwent downstream (south), continue on the footpath until Ayton Castle, return along footpath to footbridge, but continue north until the end of the woods. Return to start.

Statistics:  Distance: 5.8km  Ascent: 180m  Time: 1.15hrs

The River Derwent in Forge Valley, looking north

Saturday 23 March 2013

A Few Days in North Yorkshire.

A few days planned in North Yorkshire. 

Despite the weather forecast, we set off from a sunny Hopeman on a Friday afternoon - south....

Three hours later we were back home - lesson learned - the weather forecasters know their stuff. The snow gates were closed on the A9 at Drumochter Pass and at Blair Athol.

Snow at Drumochter Pass

Saturday morning, the Pass was open, off we set again. The roads were still a touch snowy over the high passes.

Drumochter Summit - not much of a view today

We had a few days in Scarborough...

Rough seas in Scarborough's North Bay

Jackson's Bay, north of Scarborough

Rafe, in very strong winds, at Scalby Mills. Views to Scarborough Castle

Lesser black backed gull and puffin


Scarborough's North Bay
The beach was covered by a layer of white froth...

And a few days in Pickering...

Still plenty of snowdrops
views towards Middleton from bridleway SE790853

Rafe enjoys a walk along a Hollow Way
west of Pickering at SE791858

An unexpected view of Flamingoland from SE790861

On the southern edge of the North York Moors.
Looking south from SE790868

Hollow Way west of Pickering (SE790855)

Good night and God bless to my Father in Law....

Sunset over Middleton from SE790863

Sunday 10 March 2013

South Kessock.

We're still exploring the area...

Views to the Beauly Firth from the Sea Lock, South Kessock

South Kessock is somewhere we have passed many times, travelling north and south on the A9, but somewhere we have never stopped - until today.

Sea Lock, South Kessock

It was freezing cold - but what wonderful clear views.

Kessock Bridge from South Kessock

North Kessock and a rotting hulk from South Kessock

Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor

Setting off from Glen Feshie - it was chilly - before the sun had a chance to peep over the hills...  Off we go! Jim - Setting off near Auch...