Monday 30 April 2012

April Deluge in Wykeham Forest

Not just the wettest April, but the wettest month since records began at the Forestry Commission weather station at the tree nurseries in Wykeham Forest (admittedly that was only in the mid 80's) 

Beech leaves in Elven Wood (SE945863)

170mm (6.7") of the wet stuff fell in the month, leaving a very soggy wood indeed.

Rafe - its a bit chilly underfoot - Beech Walk (SE946862)

I got the worst wetting of the winter and got cold to the bone in a sleety blizzard on 2nd April - typical, after such a lovely March.

Rafe on the largest of the Three Trembers (SE936878)
Hal and Rafe - slightly damp on Bee Dale Top (SE944868)

I am acutely aware that this will be our last spring in Wykeham Forest (our 28th) and I have been taking more photographs than usual - on days when I previously wouldn't have bothered, dull drab days that punctuate the days with more exciting weather of one sort or another. I seem to have been noticing more details: The first dog violet; unusual fungus; shadows and sunsets.....

Morning light - Halleykeld bridleway (SE936870)
Here are a few of my April photos for your delectation - make the most - there wont be many more.....

The Big Gorse Bush
first flush of flowers, with that wonderful coconut scent

Ploughing near Northmoor with views to the Vale of Pickering (SE951862)

Hal and Rafe, Castle Head Flat, Wykeham Forest  (SE945874)

Wykeham Forest harvest (SE943874)

Hal and Rafe, earthworks in Wykeham Forest (SE941869)

Earthworks at North Moor, Wykeham Forest - yet to be investigated! (SE949861)

Blossom, Wykeham Forest

Dog Violets, Hallyeykeld bridleway

Sunset through Scot's Pine
Three Tremblers, Wykeham Forest(SE936878)

Fiery skies from Tumulus (SE939878) Wykeham Forest
the day before the chainsaws went in

Green and gold, Bee Dale Top
Wykeham Forest (SE946867)

Blue Bell Wood
The blue bells would have been out,
except for the "February" weather (SE951864)

The Twisted Wishing Tree, Wykeham Forest
(find it if you can !!!)

Evening sun - Wykeham Forest (SE939878)

Evening shadows - Tumulus, Wykeham Forest (SE939878)

Fungus - Wykeham Forest (any ideas ?)

Spring moon over Wykeham Forest

Rafe and Hal, Wykeham Forest (SE939879)

Big Daddy - East Moor (SE943864)

The next generation - East Moor (SE943864)

Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor

Setting off from Glen Feshie - it was chilly - before the sun had a chance to peep over the hills...  Off we go! Jim - Setting off near Auch...