Tuesday 30 June 2015

Around Ullswater

Here are a few more pictures from the Ullswater trip:


Evening arrival at Cross Dormont Campsite near Pooley Bridge. Rafe and I pitched the tent and had an evening walk from the campsite above the eastern shore of Ullswater below Barton Fell.

South west towards Helvellyn from Crook-a-dyke

South west over Ullswater from Auterstone

Over Ullswater from near Auterstone

27/06/2015 - Ullswater High


After a stormy night at Side Farm Campsite, near Patterdale, we had a mooch around the local area...

Rafe - Ullswater from Side Farm Campsite, with views to Glenridding

Rafe - Ullswater from Side Farm Campsite

Meadow - near Patterdale

A boat trip down the lake from Glenridding to Aira Force seemed like a good idea...

Side Farm Campsite and Place Fell from Ullswater Steamer

Ullswater - looking north from Ullswater Steamer

Ullswater - looking south from Ullswater Steamer

Aira Force

Aira Force

At Aira Force

At Aira Force

At Aira Force

Aira Force

Aira Force walk

Ullswater Steamer at Aira Force Landing

Ullswater - looking south

Sleepy Rafe at Side Farm Campsite

29/06/2015 - Ullswater Low


Final morning at the Cross Dormont Campsite, south of Pooley Bridge - a leisurely breakfast, we broke camp and strolled the couple of miles along the bank of Ullswater (Rafie had a swim!) to the village.

We met up with Jim and Freddie and had a lovely lunch in the garden at Granny Dowbekins Tearoom by the River Eamont.

Camp - Cross Dormont near Pooley Bridge

Last breakfast - Rafe and Ullswater from the campsite near Pooley Bridge

Back gate to the campsite - Cross Dormont near Pooley Bridge

Ullswater from Pooley Bridge

Love the Lakes...

Monday 29 June 2015

Ullswater Low

No particular rush - an easy day today.

Petterdale from Side Farm Campsite

Relaxed breakfast, pack up the gear and Rafe gets a plodge in Ullswater from the lovely beach by the campsite.

Rafe in Ullswater - Side Farm Campsite

A straightforward route too - the bridleway along the eastern shore of Ullswater, back to the campsite near Pooley Bridge. Off we go...

Cherry Holm and Wall Holm, Ullswater from above Side Farm Campsite

The good path undulates above the lake - the views of the fells opening up as we ascended out of the trees.

Rafe - below Silver Crag, Ullswater

We wandered on...

Views south over Ullswater

Rafe - Silver Point, Ullswater

Rafe - on the bridleway east of Ullswater below Birk Fell

Rafe - Roscombe Rigg, Ullswater

Ullswater, views north to Hallin Fell

Roe Deer - by Ullswater

Roe Deer - by Ullswater

There was a tearoom, adjacent to the path, just west of Sandwick - we were ready for a cuppa - but we were there too early, it didn't open until 11am and it was only 10:45! Everything was shut up and nobody was about - aww well.

Hallin Fell from Scalehow Wood

We spied a grey squirrel at Scalehow Wood - not good in a red squirrel area - we reported this later. But Rafie was more interested in the deer that were browsing in the woods - his nose was quivering for ages!

Rafe - Hallinhag Wood near Howtown

Rafe - Geordie's Crag, near Howtown

We watched the steamboats pulling into and out of Howtown and had a mooch around the village, before continuing on, north east, above Ullswater.

Ullswater Steamer


Ullswater from east of Howtown

Old barn above Ullswater - near Bonscale

We found a comfy, mossy rock for lunch, under the crags of Bonscale Fell - Rafe had some biscuits and I tucked into my favourite flapjack in the whole world - apricot flapjack from Glenridding Stores - yum.

Favourite flapjack - from Glenridding Stores

Rafe - Swarthbeck Gill

Rafe and I were soon dumping our gear, back at the Cross Dormont campsite, glad to take off the big pack.

Tent up and kettle on.

Rafe - duckboards near Pooley Bridge

It was still early in the day - so we had a saunter on, along Ullswater lakeside to Pooley Bridge. It felt good to be rucksackless.

Rafe - Ullswater - Pooley Bridge

Rafie spent most of the walk in the water...

Pooley Bridge

Had to try a scone at the scrumptious Granny Dowbekin's Tea Garden, right beside the river.

Granny Dowbekins scone in Pooley Bridge

After a bit of an explore around the village, we returned to the camsite and watched the world go by...

Evening at Cross Dormont Campsite, Ullswater

Route:  Side Farm Campsite (NY398163), N along lakeside bridleway, Sandwick, Howtown village, fp SE then NE to Mellguards, N along bridleway along fell edge, at NY447203 take R fork and continue on bridleway to Auterstone Wood (NY406214), fp N over Sharrow Mire to fp near Crook-a-dyke, fp NE to Seat Farm and Cross Dormond Campsite (NY461226).

Statistics:  Distance: 18.5km  Ascent: 570m  Time: 5 hours

Map:  OS Outdoor Leisure 5 - The English Lakes, North-eastern area

See also:  Around Ullswater and Ullswater High

Saturday 27 June 2015

Ullswater High

Cross Dormont Farm campsite

We had an early start from Cross Dormont campsite, breakfasted and packed up before 8am - and off we went - Rafe and I with kit for a few days scavaiging around Ullswater.

Ullswater from Cross Dormont Farm

Llama - Cross Dormont Farm

We wound our way along the footpaths and around the farms onto the bridleway below Auterstone Crag, taking the track north east, a gentle ascent onto the escarpment above the eastern shore of Ullswater.

Setting off from Cross Dormont Farm

Meadows above Ullswater

We took a sharp right onto the route of the Roman Road (NY481223), enjoying the sunshine and the glorious views...

South west over Ullswater from ascent of White Knott

White Knott (422m) - views south west over Ullswater

We had plenty of time - we stopped when we felt like it, we wandered as we pleased - the joys of solo backpacking.

Above Long Crag and Ullswater

We'd forgotten how lovely the Lake District is...

Rafe - Barton Fell, above Ullswater

Arthurs Pike (533m)

Bog Cotton - Barton Fell

Views south over Martindale from Barton Fell

Rafe - Bonscale Pike - views over Ullswater

Stone circle, near Brock Crag (NY457191)

Rafe - Ascent of Loadpot Hill

Rafe - Ascent of Loadpot Hill

Loadpot Hill summit (672m)

Post and cairn, Loadpot Hill (NY459183)

Descent from Loadpot Hill - views south

Tarn  - bealach between Loadpot Hill and Wether Hill

Views west from Wether Hill

We had leisurely lunch on the summit of Raven Howe, tucked behind a wall out of a cool breeze - before continuing along the route of the old Roman road over High Street.

Rafe - High Raise (802m)

Views south west from near High Raise

Looking back (north) to High Raise

Rafe - Rampsgill Head summit (792m)

Riggindale and Haweswater from Rampsgill Head

Views back (north) from ascent of High Street

Rafe - High Street summit (828m)

High Street summit

Near High Street summit

High Street with views to Kentmere Horeshoe and Windermere

We continued on, to  Thornthwaite Crag - before dropping off the tops into Threshthwaite Cove and Pasture Bottom.

Thornthwaite Beacon

Rafe - Views north west from Thresthwaite Mouth into Pasture Bottom to Ullswater

Rafe - descent into Pasture Bottom

Looking back to Threshthwaite Mouth

Pasture Bottom

Looking back along Pasture Bottom to Threshthwaite Mouth

By the time we reached Hartsop we were both a little footsore - but we still had a few kilometres to go...

Hartsop Village

The track from Hartsop to Patterdale - views of Place Fell

Along the lovely bridleways of Patterdale...

Roe deer near Crookabeck

Before arriving at the campsite at Side Farm, at the southern end of Ullswater.

The campsite was busy - a Saturday night in June in the Lake District! But we soon found a spot for the tent, among the trees and get set up for the night.

Both of us were ready for our dinner and a bit of a chill.

Meadow by Side Farm campsite - views south

Route:  Cross Dormont Campsite (NY461226), fp SW to Seat Farm, continue SW to Crook-a-dyke, at NY458218 take fp S across  Sharrow Mire to bridleway at NY460214, turn NE. At NY472220 turn SW onto fp, White Knott (422m), Whinney Crag, Arthurs Pike (Wainwright, 533m), fp south to NY461198, E then N across open hillside to Bonscale Pike (Wainwright 524m), S on fp at Loadpot Hill (Wainwright, 672m), S on bridleway to Wether Hill (Wainwright, 674m), S to Red Crag (Birkett, 711m), Raven Howe (718m), High Raise (Wainwright, 802m), Rampsgill Head (Wainwright, 792m), High Street (Wainwright, 828m), SW to Thornthwite Crag (Wainwright, 784m), descend W on fp to Threshthwaite Mouth, NW to Threshthwaite Cove and Pasture Bottom, continue NW to Hartsop over fb at NY411129, continue W through village and take bridleway N at NY405133, 250m N of Dubhow (NY405145) take left fp N along valley, continue N to Side Farm Campsite (NY398163).

Statistics:  Distance: 27.6km  Ascent: 1260m  Time: 11 hours

Map:  OS Outdoor Leisure 5 - The English Lakes, North-eastern area

See also:  Around Ullswater and Ullswater Low

Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor

Setting off from Glen Feshie - it was chilly - before the sun had a chance to peep over the hills...  Off we go! Jim - Setting off near Auch...