Saturday 26 November 2011

Around Hutton-le-Hole.

Views south from Lastingham Knoll

A voluntary ranger patrol on a mild windy day with low cloud and interesting skies. We set off from Hutton le Hole, walking over the hill to Lastingham and then east and north across the moors to Ana Cross.

Tranmire Beck, near Lastingham

The views were good, across the bleakness of late autumn. The colours were brown, dun and yellow, but brightened by the occasional late flowers.

Tranmire Plain, near Lastingham

Tranmire Beck, near Lastingham

The wind was blowing hard across the higher moors, whipping the last few leaves from the occasional dwarf birch.

We then walked south back towards Lastingham, where we had our lunch, sitting on a bench overlooking the village. The wind had dropped, now that we were off the higher moors.

Lastingham Ridge

We had a brief respite in the Blacksmiths Arms in Lastingham, beside the roaring fire. The pub was filled with afternoon revellers, in the area to enjoy the Cropton Beer Festival. We moved on west again to Spaunton and over the hill back to Hutton le Hole for a cuppa in a village tea room.

Fungi on ash tree - any ideas?
(just above the ground, open woodland, approx 30cm across)

Route: NYMNP Car Park, Hutton le Hole (SE705902), south through the village, footpath NE from just south of the church (SE705898), to the road, east to footpath at SE721903, NE past Camomile Farm, continue past finger pointer sign, (sp Hartoft), Tranmire, bridleway north and then east to Redman Plain, Ana Cross, south over Spaunton Moor and Lastingham Ridge, Lastingham, take unclassified road south (where the road out of the village takes a sharp turn east) and over a little bridge, past the cottages and south on a footpath from SE729902. When arrive at the minor road, take road signposted Spaunton. Once through the village turn south on Spaunton Lane, west on Lingmoor Lane, north ane west around Lingmoor Wood, north on Bottomfields Lane and back to Hutton le Hole.

Stats: Distance - 17km  Ascent - 400m  Time - 5 hours

Early Morning Skies over the Vale of Pickering

More glorious morning skies - from Wykeham Forest

Sunday 20 November 2011


Wykeham Forest - the Big Gorse Bush (SE940874)

Doing most of my weekday walking in the dark makes me appreciate how wonderful the woods are in daylight. The weather has been a bit more mixed over the last couple of weekends, and so Wykeham Forest has shown some different sides.

Wykeham Forest - Elven Wood (SE948563)

Wykeham Forest
Elven Wood (SE942867)
Wykeham Forest - by Rise Dikes (SE943868)

Wykeham Forest - Hallykeld bridleway (SE936870)
Wykeham Forest - Bee Dale Top (SE944869)

Wykeham Forest
hollow road
by Rise Dikes (SE944867)

Wykeham Forest
hollow road by Rise Dikes (SE943867)


Wykeham Forest - Gorse by Rise Dikes (SE944867)

Sunday 6 November 2011

Glorious Autumn in Wykeham Forest

We've been lucky with the sunshine in Wykeham Forest this autumn, and this has brought out the best colours.

Rafe and Hal, Elven Wood, Wykeham Forest

Bee Dale Short Grain, Wykeham Forest

Beech Walk, nr North Moor,
Wykeham Forest
Bee Dale Short Grain, Wykeham Forest
Hallykeld Rigg, Wykeham Forest

Three Tremblers Bays, Wykeham Forest
Nr Three Tremblers Bays, Wykeham Forest

Hal - Beech Walk, by Wykeham Forest Research Yard

Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor

Setting off from Glen Feshie - it was chilly - before the sun had a chance to peep over the hills...  Off we go! Jim - Setting off near Auch...