Sunday 3 March 2013

Crovie, Aberdeenshire Coast.

A drive along the coast and a walk around this famous tiny fishing hamlet....

Crovie (pronounced Crivie apparently) was established by crofters cleared from the interior to make way for sheep in the late eighteenth century. 

Crovie from near the visitors car park

East Crovie from the pier

Crovie cottage

Crovie, looking west

The houses have been built on a narrow strip of land between the cliffs and the shore, most having their gable ends facing the sea. The locals use hand carts to move their belongings from the residents car park at the end of the village to their homes.

Crovie looking west

Most of the cottages seemed to be holiday lets now - a shame. But its easy for me to say that, visiting on a nice day - it must be wild down there during a winter storm...

Crovie - cottages at the east of the village

We were glad to have visited in March. It was very quiet, most of the cottages shuttered up for winter, so we were able to explore a little bit more around the lovely cottages.

Eastern Crovie

Western Crovie

After exploring the village we followed the coast path around, under the cliffs, to Gardenstown, a little to the west of Crovie.

Crovie from the coast path

We were hoping to find somewhere nice to get a hot drink (and possibly a slice of cake), but we were out of luck.

Gardenstown from the pier

We returned to Crovie back along the coast path. A lovely short walk.

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