Sunday 10 July 2011

Grummore and Rosal - Holiday in the Far North and West of Scotland - Day 3.

Rafe drinks Loch Naver

What a beautiful morning. Breakfast sitting beside the glassy waters of Loch Naver, with Red Throated Divers floating past through the reflections of the hills and sky.
Wildflowers, Loch Naver and Ben Klibreck

An early walk up through Grummore clearance village and beyond, to an unnamed summit (NC602385) at 247m set the dogs up for the day.

Bell heather, wild thyme, tormentil and eyebright, Grummore

Loch Naver from Grummore Clearance Village

Hal on a rock, with Ben Loyal beyond

It was too warm and glorious to leave the lochside, so sunbathing and a swim (the water really was quite cold!) was the order of the morning.

North east up Loch Naver from the campsite


The clouds started to come in from the west after lunch, so we decided to have a drive up the strath to another of the many Clearance settlements about here.

Rosal Clearance Village is near Syre, in a clearance in a Forestry Commission forest. We parked on the opposite side of the river, deciding that the fisherman's bridge looked like an interesting point of access. The dogs disagreed, disliking the view of the river between the planks, and the swaying and rocking of the suspension bridge.

HSE holds no sway up here!

They, with a little persuasion, (from me on one bank and Jim on the other) splashed and swam across. The walk around the site was interesting, with information boards by many of the ruins. There were also great views over the trees, to the surrounding countryside, including Ben Loyal over to the north. Wild flowers also carpeted the site.

Rosal Clearance Village and Ben Loyal

Back at the campsite, after tea, we had another short paddle up Loch Naver, along the north west shore, exploring the bays and inlets as we went.

Loch Naver

Rafe near Grumbeg

Next, a dog walk around the Grummore Clearance Village, exploring more of the many archaological remains.

Grummore Burn

The evening was completed by a visit from a local resident - A pine martin who lives in the broch beside the campsite ate a supper of marzipan and jam sandwiches we had left for him on the bird table just beside our pitch.

Local resident pine martin


Not so sure about banana......

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