Friday 8 July 2011

Holiday in the Far North and West of Scotland - Day 1.

As usual, have to get as far from home as possible, as soon as possible after finishing work on Friday. I left work at 3 o'clock, and we were on the road by twenty past four, in drizzle and heavy showers.

Made pretty good time, despite the A1, crossing the Border at about half eight into better weather. Sunset as we crossed the Forth Road Bridge. Tea in the Park was in full swing, by the road, as we continued north. Filled up with petrol (cheaper than at home!) in Perth and then started to count layby's on the A9 (all the layby's have a signposted number, presumably so you can give an accurate location if you break down). Layby 81 is at Drumochter Summit (460m) a nice large layby with a path running down, away from the road, for dog walking purposes. We arrived at our overnight stop about twenty to twelve and were snuggled down for the night by just past midnight.

The sky was clear and we took this as a good omen.

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