Wednesday 13 July 2011

On Loch Naver again - Holiday in the Far North and West of Scotland - Day 6.

Another glorious day.

North and east up Loch Naver from our pitch, with the broch to the left

I had an early morning walk around Grummore clearance village, exploring more of the ruined blackhouses, enjoying the views and the wildflowers.

Loch Naver and Ben Klibreck from Grummore clearance village,
with one of the ruined blackhouses in the foreground

South and west down Loch Naver from the campsite 

Hal and Rafe on the campsite jetty,
looking north to Grummore clearance village

North and east up Loch Naver from the campsite jetty

Breakfast in the sunshine, beside the loch, was a joy. This was followed by a swim in the loch (Jim even got his swimmers on and had an extreme paddle) and a laze on the shore.

Swimming in Loch Naver

Later we drove up the loch to Grumbeg, carried the canoe through a thick stand of bracken down to the shore, and paddled north and east to explore the top end of Loch Naver.

South and east down Loch Naver from near Grumbeg

Black Throated Diver near Grumbeg

We had lunch on a little beach at Rubh'a'Chairn, on the south shore of Loch Naver.

Lunch at Rubh'a'Chairn

A little amphibian friend for the dogs at Rubh'a'Chairn

We paddled our way between a crannog and  a broch at Ach A' Chuil

Crannog on Loch Naver (NC654382)

Broch, with the clearance village of Ach A' Chuil beyond
The loch was very shallow in places at its eastern end. We were forced to jump out on one occasion, 100m or so from any shore, to pull the canoe over an area where the loch was only a few inches deep. We had a little paddle up the River Naver, but there were so many rocks we made little headway and soon turned back.

Looking east along Loch Naver

We then paddled up the north shore to our start point and another scrabble through the bracken.

North east along Loch Naver from NC627373

After a bit of a chill at the campsite and a bite or two of tea, we left Freddie to his book and Jim and I went out for an evening canoe paddle across the loch. 

Ben Klibreck and Loch Naver NC627373

The loch was glassy, the silence complete and we felt we were the most privileged people on earth.

Full moon over Loch Naver

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