Sunday 9 October 2011

Strange Times

Wykeham Forest - October blossom

Its been a strange sort of a week.

Last weekend we had better weather than in the height of summer, this weekend we are in the depths of autumn.

Wykeham Forest - Ploughing on East Moor

In Wykeham Forest we have blossom on the trees and the rhododendrons are having another go at flowering, along with field scabious, red campion, greater stitchwort, hedge woundwort and others.

Wykeham Forest
Beedale Short Grain, north from SE944870

Gold finches taking a bath

Some of the trees are in full autumn regalia, whilst others are adorned with leaves that have gone from green to grey overnight.

Freddie has gone to university. The house is quiet and tidy. There is milk in the fridge and bread in the bread bin.

The piano is silent.

New moon over Wykeham Forest (west from SE944865)

 I miss him.

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