Saturday 22 October 2011

Heritage Coast - Cloughton to Ravenscar and Back.

Hal, Rafe and I made the best of a beautiful October day with glorious colours all around.

South from Rodger Trod to Scarborough Castle

We went north along the coast from Cloughton to Ravenscar,

Hal and Rafe.
Looking north to Hayburn Wyke,
with Ravenscar in the distance

Looking north from just south of Hayburn Wyke

Which way does the wind blow?
from just south of Hayburn Wyke

Autumn colours, Beast Cliff, near Ravenscar

and then south again along the Cinder Track, the old disused railway. I expected to find this rather boring after the excitement of the coast, but I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the old railway bridges on the Cinder Track,
south of Ravenscar

There weren't too many cyclists about, so we didn't have to leap into the undergrowth as much as I expected, and the sun through the autumn foliage, various animals in the fields beside the track added interest (ponies of various colours and sizes, cows ditto and a field full of a variety of rare breed sheep - none of which were very photogenic!)

Old station house  on the Cinder Track, near Hayburn Wyke

and the carrot cake purchased from the tea room at Ravenscar was sublime.

Scarborough Castle from the Cinder Track near Cloughton

Route: Road parking in Cloughton (TA010947), east along minor road to Cleveland Way, north to Ravenscar, south along the Cinder Track to the minor road and back to the start.

Statistics:  Distance:  17 km  Ascent:  375m  Time:  4 hours

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