Friday 24 June 2011

Tabular Hills Walk - Day 1.

The Tabular Hills Walk is a 48 mile Regional Walk from Scarborough to Helmsley, along the Tabular Hills (never would have guessed!) the southern edge of the North York Moors. I wanted to do the walk over one weekend.
Setting off after work on a Friday seemed like a good idea, to get a few of the miles under my belt, so it was about 18:15 when I got going from my drop-off point at Scalby Mills.

Scalby Mills

Over the bridge, it was a struggle to keep the dogs from jumping down onto the beach, but once on the steps, heading north, they were up for a long evening walk.

North Bay, Scarborough

It is only a short streach on the clifftop, with the usual exceptional views, before heading off towards Scalby, along a fieldside full of wild flowers.  

Scentless Mayweed near Scalby

There was a bit to much of the tarmac between Burniston Road and the Sea Cut in Scalby, but it passed quickly enough.
Friday night bowles in Scalby

Along the Sea Cut the wild flowers and grasses were at their best.

The Sea Cut near Scalby

Hal - The Sea Cut near Scalby

Hal and Rafe in The Sea Cut near Scalby

This was the best part of this evenings walk and the dogs even got a paddle. 

Over a mile of road walking from Mowthorpe, past the closed Everley Hotel, and onto Wrench Green came next. It felt rather dangerous with two dogs on leads next to a winding single track, with cars whizzing past - some drivers with the usual "whadda ya doing on my road?" scowls.

Looking west towards Coomb Hill and Langate

The surroundings made up for this though.

The Everley from the bottom of Langate

A steep but quite short ascent of Langate up into Wykeham Forest, with good views down towards Hackness, followed by a walk through our usual stomping grounds.

Hackness Hall

Langdale and Broxa from Hay Brow

There was a party going on at Hay Brow viewpoint, several families having a barbeque. We were all forced to listen to Simple Minds, who were playing at Dalby Forest. The wind must have been in the right direction as we could hear every word.

Rafe and Hal check out the geology info at Hay Brow

Route: Along the escarpment to the Forestry Commission Nursery gates finished us off for the evening.
Route: Scalby Mills (TA035907), noth along Cleveland Way, turb west at TA031913, Scalby, Sea Cut, Mowthorpe, Everley, Wrench Green, Langate, Haygate Brow, Finish at entrance to Forestry Commission Nurseries, Wykeham Forest (SE928879).

Stats:  Distance - 14.2km  Ascent - 320m  Time - 3.10

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