Wednesday 15 June 2011

More TROUBLE in the Woods?

A fallen branch outside the FC Wykeham Research Station

The BMC monthly e-newsletter included an article entitled:
BMC calls for members' Forestry Tales.
Here are some of the comments made by Cath Flitcroft of the BMC:

The Forestry Commission, which owns and runs 18% of England's woods, has announced significant changes after its budget was cut. These cuts could impact on the public services it currently provides.
and further on in the article:

The main concern with these job losses and a potential change in direction is that it may leave the Forestry Commission unable to maintain and deliver the public services it currently provides. In addition, it is unclear how these cuts will impact on the thinking of the Independent Panel and how effective its role in considering “options for enhancing public benefits from all woodland and forests” will now be.
Just makes you wonder whether the Forestry Commission will be privatised through the back door. I can see the Goverment condemning the Commission as being "not fit for purpose" when the massive cuts to its budget bite, and this being used as an excuse to sell off vast tracts of our land to its rich friends (and if you live in Scotland, don't think you're immune!).

Link to the full article:

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