Tuesday 3 October 2017

Loch Lubnaig and River Balvag

Loch Lubnaig and An Sidhean

We watched the River Balvag getting higher every day - no wonder, with the amount of rain that has fallen since we arrived at the Immervoulin Campsite - and we gave up thinking that we could drop the canoe straight into the river from our pitch. The water rushed passed in turbulent spate - we might be able to guide the canoe down to Loch Lubnaig, but wouldn't be able to paddle back.

Loch Lubnaig and Ben Ledi

So we strapped the boat onto the roof of the car, drove south for a couple of miles and launched onto Loch Lubnaig from the shore beside the A84.

Loch Lubnaig flood plain and reed beds

We paddled north, exploring the flooded shoreline, the burns feeding the loch and amongst the reeds across the flooded plain.

Loch Lubnaig flood plain and reed beds

Loch Lubnaig - views south

Loch Lubnaig - views south to Ben Ledi

Loch Lubnaig - views north

We paddled around the Roinn Mhor and to the mouth of the River Balvag - we'd explore until the current got too strong for us...

River Balvag and An Sidhean

It doesn't look like it its flowing so fast in the pictures - but it was seriously hard work!

Immervoulin Campsite from River Balvag

We did manage to get upstream as far as the campsite - before being swept downstream to the loch again

River Balvag

River Balvag - south towards Ben Ledi

Loch Lubnaig and An Sidhean

There's a little lochan - Lochan Buidhe - just to the north of Loch Lubnaig. The water water was so high that we could paddle through the woods and into this new lochan - great fun!

Woods between Loch Lubnaig and Lochan Buidhe

Between Loch Lubnaig and Lochan Buidhe

Looking north across Lochan Buidhe

We paddled around the lochan, across some fields and over a fence...

Lochan Buidhe and An Sidhean

On Lochan Buidhe

Lochan Buidhe

...before making our way back through the woods and to Loch Lubnaig.

Between Lochan Buidhe and Loch Lubnaig

It was starting to get dark. Time to head back across the water to the car - but not before we had a close encounter with two very lovely fellow paddlers.

And there's plenty more of Loch Lubnaig to explore another day.

Mute swans on Loch Lubnaig

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