Saturday 2 July 2016

Holiday in Glen Affric - cars, caravans and breakdown trucks (amongst other things, including mountains!)

Not the holiday we expected. Our number one car broke down the week before our trip and we had to change our plans.

We had expected to pick up our caravan, from it's home in the Cannich Woodland Camping Park in Glen Affric, and drive down to the Loch Lomond area for a bit of a Munro bagging fest.

But rather than miss out on our holiday, we decided to stay in the caravan at the Cannich campsite for our fortnight, using our little number two car (forthwith to be known as Hydrogen Cyanide - as per reg plate!) to travel about.

So, after work on Friday afternoon, we headed west:

Friday, 1st July 2016:  Arrival in Glen Affric.

Glen Affric from Carn Fiaclach track near Dog Falls
After getting set up at the caravan, unpacking and drinking our first cup of caravan tea, we had a little drive up Glen Affric and had an evening walk from the Dog Falls campsite - hope the weather keeps up.

Saturday, 2nd July 2016:  Caledonial Canal

Dochgarroch Lock near Inverness

We stayed close to the campsite on our first day - settling in and taking it easy.

Dochgarroch Lock near Inverness

Later in the day we went for a walk along the Caledonian Canal and River Ness at Dochgarroch, near Inverness.

River Ness near Dochgarroch

Sunday, 3rd July 2016:  Swim in the River Affric

River Affric under Dog Falls

Not quite such a nice day today - so, as I was going to get wet anyway, thought I might as well do something I'd quite fancied for a while - to swim from the bridge on the River Affric below Dog Falls (NH289283), up to the falls through the gorge.

River Affric under Dog Falls

It was fairly chilly - and the water was running too fast for me to get right up to the foot of the falls - but what a great wee swim...

River Affric under Dog Falls

Jim got pretty wet as well!

Monday, 4th July 2016:  Creag Meagaidh Circuit

Tuesday, 5th July 2016:  The Falls of Foyers

A trip along the southern shore of Loch Ness and a walk around the Falls of Foyers...

Falls of Foyers

Falls of Foyers

Wednesday, 6th July 2016:  Ben Macdui and Gairn Gorm from the Ski Centre

Thursday, 7th July 2016:  Ness Islands, Inverness

Inverness Cathedral and River Ness

So carless in Cannich, we got the bus to Inverness. After a bit of a faff organising a hire car, we were mobile again.

Jim and Rafe - Ness Islands

We spent the rest of the day in Inverness, around the town and along the River Ness.

Rafe and Jim - Inverness

Although we know Inverness reasonably well - we've never walked around the Ness Islands before - lovely...

Jim - Ness Islands, Inverness

Friday, 8th July 2016:  Road Trip - including Rogie Falls and Shieldaig

Rogie Falls, near Garve

Bit of a drive out today to try out the new hire car...

Rogie Falls, near Garve

On the way to the west coast, we stopped for a walk and an ogle at Rogie Falls - the water was fairly high and the falls impressive.  We had some close up views of some sizeable salmon at the top of the salmon ladder.

Rogie Falls, near Garve - salmon ladder

Onward to the west - stopping for another walk and some lunch in Shieldaig.


Shieldaig Island and Bay

Shieldaig Island and Bay

Saturday, 9th July 2016:  Loch Ness and Strathglass

Loch Ness from near Drumnadrochit

Exploring closer to home (Cannich Campsite) today - we had a bit of an explore around Drumnadrochit and the shore of Loch Ness nearby.

River Enrick, Drumnadrochit, by Loch Ness

Initially the path along The River Enrick from the village was good, smooth and gravelled - but this deteriorated to a rather muddy rut through the undergrowth. There was also a bit of a river crossing across a minor distributary - it really was quite fun!

Loch Ness, near Drumnadrochit (between mouths of River Enrick and River Coiltie)

The rivers were lovely and the views of Loch Ness (once we got there) were wide - even on a rather grey day.

Rafie - Loch Ness, near Drumnadrochit (at mouth of River Coiltie)

River Coiltie, Drumnadrochit, by Loch Ness

Afternoon tea at Cafe Eighty2 on the outskirts of Drumnadrochit was very welcome - even though we had to sit outside in the rather chilly wind with a rather damp Rafie.

Afternoon tea at Cafe Eighty2, Drumnadrochit

Later in the day, after supper, we took a walk along the River Glass from the campsite in Cannich - a glorious sparkly evening.

River Glass near Cannich

River Glass near Cannich

A little mooch around the ancient burial ground - Clachan Comair (NN334306) - near Kerrow House - some of the stones were very ancient, nestling amongst the long grasses and wild flowers - a serene and beautiful spot.

Clachan Comair - Old burial ground near Kerrow House, Strathglass

Carn Cul-Sgor above Cannich

River Glass near Cannich

Sunday, 10th July 2016:  More Car Fun - not!

We had to drive home to Hopeman today - to sort out getting car number one fixed!

Monday, 11th July 2016:  Creag Pitridh and Geal Charn (Laggan) - quite a bit of floundering about inside a cloud

Tuesday, 12th July 2016:  Around Glen Affric

Glen Affric - walk along Allt na h-Imrich

Out and about in Glen Affric - we had a stroll up the track beside Allt na h-Imrich to check out the changes as the new hydro scheme is built - it's quite a mess, locally, at the moment! Hopefully as things and time moves on. The contractors have a responsibility to keep the damage and pollution to a minimum and to restore the area to its former beauty - we shall see.

Glen Affric - walk along Allt na h-Imrich

It was a grey and rather gloomy day - but we enjoyed being in one of our favourite places.

Glen Affric - walk along Allt na h-Imrich - views to Loch Beinn a'Mheadhoin

Wednesday, 13th July 2016:  Glen Elg

The view east from Mam Ratagan to a mist shrouded Five Sisters of Kintail

A bit of an iffy weather forecast - so we headed out towards the west again, down Glen Shiel and across Mam Ratagan to Glenelg.

The Wagon Cafe, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

By the time we descended into Glen More, it was time for lunch. We've been to the Wagon Cafe before, great place! Would it be open? We drove up the narrow winding road into Gleann Beag - yep, the cafe was open. And a lovely lunch we had, eaten in the yurt, which we had to ourselves. Great coffee!

Dun Troddan Broch, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

Then on to the obligatory look around the twin brochs - just across the road from the Wagon Cafe...

Dun Telve Broch, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

Rafe - Dun Telve Broch, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

Dun Telve Broch, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

Dun Telve Broch, Gleann Beag, Glenelg

Rafe - Light tower at Glenelg to Kylerhea ferry slipway

A mosey around the little visitor centre for the Glenelg to Kylerhea Ferry and a walk along the coast came next...

Jim - Glenelg to Kylerhea ferry slipway

Coast by Glenelg

Followed by a meandering route back towards Glen Affric and the campsite - stopping here and there for a look at the view...

Eilean Donan Casle and Loch Duich with Glen Shiel beyond

Thursday, 14th July 2016:  The Grey Corries - Three Munros and seven Munro Tops

Friday, 15th July 2016:  Road trip to Morvern

Lighthouse at Sallachan Point, Ardgour

Saturday, 16th July 2016:  Around Glen Affric again

Rafe - in the woods in Cannich

A final chill day in and around Cannich.

River Cannich in Cannich

Love this place...

River Cannich at Cannich Bridge

Sunday, 17th July 2016:  Homeward Bound

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