Monday 2 July 2012

Hopeman - Coast and Country

All the photo's were taken between June and September 2012, on or around the coast within 5 miles of Hopeman.

North West from Hopeman West Beach

The Moray Firth, from West Beach, Hopeman.

Kayak or "Caribbean Princess" ?
I know which one I'd choose.....
from West Beach, Hopeman.

West of Hopeman.

Rafe at the Hopeman Bicentenary monument.

Hopeman East Beach from Daisy Rock.

Rafe, East Beach, Hopeman.

Hopeman Lodge, Beach Huts and East Beach.

Hive Rock from Daisy Rock.

Daisy Rock and Hive Rock.


Daisy Rock and Hive Rock, Hopeman.

North across the Moray Firth from Hopeman East Beach

Rafe, East Beach, with views to Daisy Rock, Hopeman.

Rafe, Hopeman Beach Huts.


North from East Beach, Hopeman.

Daisy Rock, Hopeman.

Hopeman sandstone

Rafe, Daisy Rock, Hopeman.


Rafe, east of Hopeman.

East of Hopeman.


East of Hopeman.

Anyone for cake? Near Daisy Rock.

East of Hopeman.

Rafe, contemplates a swim by Daisy Rock, Hopeman.

East of Hopeman.

East of Hopeman.

Rafe, above Clashach Cove.

Caves and Fault at Clashach Cove.

Ancient desert at Clashach Cove.

Natural arch at Clashach Cove.

Jim, twitching, Caves at Clashach Cove.

Caves at Cummingston

Heron, near Cummingston

Rafe, Caves at Cummingston.

Near Cummingston.

Rough seas near Cummingston.

Northern Marsh Orchids on the cliffs at Cummingston

Climbers paradise - the cliffs west of Cummingston.
The amazing RAF Search & Rescue Team based at Lossiemouth
often train on the cliffs near Hopeman.
Rafe, Burghead Bay.

In Roseisle Forest.

The Moray Firth.

The Moray Firth from Hopeman.

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