Thursday 21 June 2012

Goodbye to my beautiful Hal.

Hal and Rafe, Bluebell Wood, Wykeham Forest (SE951864)

 Hal died at ten to ten last night, Wednesday, 20th June 2012.

Happy Hal

He had a virulent unexplained infection which carried him away from us in just 24 hours.

Rafe and Hal, Cairn Track, Wykeham Forest (SE949866)

Here are a few photo's taken over the last few weeks.

Hal and Rafe, Raptor Viewpoint, Wykeham Forest (SE935891)

Rafe and Hal, Tumulus, Wykeham Forest (SE940878)

Hal and Rafe, Wykeham Forest (SE949865)

We buried him today in Wykeham Forest, near to the Twisted Wishing Tree.


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