Sunday 8 January 2012

Three Tremblers Tumuli.

Rafe and Hal,
beside the largest and most southerly of the Three Temblers Tumuli,
Wykeham Forest - 01/01/2012

Whilst doing some research into the amcient remains in Wykeham Forest, I came across this article by Brian Beadle, on the Malton Gazette and Herald website :
HISTORY abounds on this ride to find some prehistoric round barrows called the three tremblers hidden away in Wykeham Forest.
Around 1,000BC, which is referred to as the urn period, the urn people made a serious attempt to live on the moors and dales leaving us evidence of their existence with finds of urns and tools.
The three tremblers are barrows where the urn people buried their cremated dead. When the barrows were excavated, there was an urn with a deep neck, a bronze dagger and a flint knife in one trembler and a large urn and a jet pendant in another.
There is also evidence of a stone circle at the most northerly of the three tremblers, but nothing was found there.
Not far away another stone circle was discovered on the edge of the escarpment overlooking Troutsdale where a broken urn filled with burnt bones was found as well as other interesting pots.
As I researched this article, I came upon an interesting fact about stone circles. There was usually a mother-goddess associated with stone circle worship who was nicknamed the Old Wife, and the pathways leading to the circle are today known as Old Wife’s Trod, or Old Wife’s Way. Perhaps the Old Wife’s Way leading to Newgate Foot is associated with the standing stones in the area around Blakey Topping?
Why are the barrows in Wykeham Forest called the three tremblers? No one knows for sure, but some think it could be to do with the constellations in the night sky. The tremblers representing the handle of the plough.
The rest of the article - a cycle route in the area - can be found at the following link:

Scots Pine, guarding the Three Tremblers Tumuli,
Wykeham Forest - 08/01/2012

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