Tuesday 30 April 2013

April in Hopeman

Grant Park, Forres - spring at last?

Brrrr. Mostly a very chilly month, often with cold winds from pretty much every direction except south.

East Beach, Hopeman

But it was pretty dry and often clear. some lovely views...

North from Daisy Rock, Hopeman

The views are in chronological order.

The Moray Firth from Daisy Rock, Hopeman

North east from Hopeman

Hopeman Harbour

Hopeman Harbour and East Beach along with the new sports pavillion

From East Beach, Hopeman

Evening from West Beach, Hopeman

The Moray Firth from Hopeman

Burghead from near Cummingston

Rafe, East Beach, Hopeman

Hopeman sandstone and fulmar


Freddie in one of Cummingston's many caves

Caves at Cummingston

Natural Arch, Cove Bay, east of Hopeman

Clashach Quarry

The Moray Firth from East Beach, Hopeman

North from West Beach, Hopeman

Burghead from Cummingston

Rafe on East Beach, Hopeman

Looking west from Cove Bay

Beach Hut, Hopeman

Cove Bay near Hopeman

Late Daffs, east of Hopeman

Rafe on the dunes near Hopeman

Fulmar over Cove Bay

Evening light, east of Hopeman

Burghead from Cummingston

The Moray Firth from West Beach, Hopeman

Lichen above the sea,  Cove Bay

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