Sunday 21 April 2013

Plodda Falls.

Rafe on the Green Route near Plodda Falls

A lovely walk through the forest around Plodda Falls in Glen Affric.

Enormous Douglas Fir near Plodda Falls

We set off from the car park along the Green Route, choosing to follow the forestry road north first, leaving the waterfalls til last.

On the Green Route near Plodda Falls

The trees were enormous, including many Douglas Firs of gigantic girth.

Rafe looks (unsuccessfully) for Red Squirrels near Plodda Falls

The sun was out and the walking very pleasant. Rafe had a wonderful time bounding about.

Abhainn Deabhag just downstream from Plodda Falls

The track soon left the forest road onto a lovely track through the woods down to the river - Abhainn Deabhag - and then along its banks via an avenue of more outsize trees.

Plodda Falls

The waterfall announced itself well in advance following a week of snow melt and the overnight rain. It was spectacular!

Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls with Jim on the viewing platform 

Plodda Falls - looking down from the viewing platform

Plodda Falls - looking down from the viewing platform

We spent some time trying to keep the camera dry, then continued up the Allt na Bodachan and its accompanying woods to the car park.

Allt na Bodachan

We'll be back again - regularly.

Allt na Bodachan

Route:  Forestry Commission car park near Tomich at NH279237. Follow the Green Route, N along forest roads and track, SW along forest road by the river and SE along the waterfall back to the start.

Statistics:  Distance: 2:5km  Ascent: 100m  Time: 45minutes

Allt na Bodachan

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