Sunday 14 May 2017

Loch Beinn a'Mheadhoin - April showers in May

A Sunday morning paddle on the lovely Loch Beinn a'Mheadhoin.

We set off from the Forestry Commission car park (NH243261), and paddled around the islands and bays at the eastern end of the loch.

The water was very low - about the lowest we've ever seen it, I think - which meant different views, new islands and old islands that are currently not islands at all...

We got a soaking from a couple of heavy showers whilst we were out on the water, but for the most part, the weather and the loch were sparking.

Rafe - last time we were here, you could paddle into this lagoon
Dry lagoon (NH249262)

Dry lagoon (NH249262)






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