Thursday 29 September 2016

A Week from Kinlochleven

Rafe - autumn bracken - on the slopes of Mullach an Tuir above Cannich

A week staying in the Caolasnacon Camping Park in October - what could be better? An amazing spot, right beside the narrows of Loch Leven - surrounded by sea, sky and mountain.

The weather was superb. Not a drop of rain fell and we were blessed by almost constant sunshine - it was touch windy midweek, but who was caring.

We had four hill days (6 Munros) whilst we were on our hols:

Meall a'Bhuiridh and Creise

But here are a few pictures from the days in between...

Thursday, 29th September - An Evening in Cannich

River Cannich in Cannich village - where Rafie often has a plodge - not today!

We had driven up from North Yorkshire the day before, through torrential rain, which had fallen over most of Scotland. When we arrived at Cannich Caravan Park, the rivers and burns around the village were doing their very best to get all that water to the sea!

We had a wander around the village and along to the Allt Coillte, east of Cannich - where we took the rough track (which soon disappeared into a sea of bracken) steeply up its eastern bank, marvelling as we passed one waterfall after another.

Waterfall on Allt Coillte by Cannich

Waterfalls further up Allt Coillte by Cannich

Views south from the slopes of Mullach an Tuir, above Cannich

Interesting fungi - by Cannich

Friday, 30th September - Away to Kinlochleven

River Cannich in Cannich village

Moving on day. From Cannich, to our campsite near Kinlochleven...

Loch Leven - views east from Caolasnacon

Rainbow over Kinlochleven from Caolasnacon

Loch Leven - views east from Caolasnacon

Saturday, 1st October 2016 - Loch Leven, Meall a'Bhuiridh and Creise

Loch Leven before dawn - east from our camp site at Caolasnacon

We were up early for our hill walk - Meall a'Bhuiridh and Creise - these few were taken from the campsite before we went on our way... Perfect reflections on a sublime morning.

Loch Leven as the first sun catches the tops - west from Caolasnacon

Loch Leven - perfect reflections - views east from Caolasnacon

Sunday, 2nd October 2016 - Loch Leven, Beinn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh

Another glorious morning - Loch Leven - west from Caolasnacon

Another early start for another hill day - Beinn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh - so just one photo from early in the day and one from the early evening from the campsite... just a perfect day.

Early evening on Loch Leven - east from Caolasnacon

Monday, 3rd October 2016 - Exploring the West

Sun rises over the montains - Caolasnacon Campsite 

After a bit of a lie in, and a walk around the shore at the campsite, we headed out to Glencoe village and for a walk around the very lovely Glen Coe Lochan.

Glen Coe Lochan

Glen Coe Lochan - views to the Pap of Glencoe

After a spot of lunch, we had a drive out, down the Lochaber coast to Glen Creran (somewhere we'd never been before) and had a wander around Glasdrum Wood, a NNR special for it's exceptionally diverse biodiversity...

Glasdrum Wood - NNR

Jim in Glasdrum Wood

Tuesday, 4th October 2016 - Road Trip to Mull

Ancient Rowan - Loch Leven - west from Caolasnacon

After Rafie's morning walk along the shores of Loch Leven, we headed out on a road trip, across the Corran Ferry, and over the Morvern hills to Lochaline.

We had a coffee and cake, from the slipway cafe, whilst sitting in the sun, on the shore, waiting for the ferry.

Lochaline to Fishnish Ferry

We were soon aboard, making the 20 minute crossing to Fishnish (love the name) on Mull - the breeze was fresh from the east down the Sound of Mull as we stood on the observation deck taking in the scene...

Ferry in the Sound of Mull

We drove on to Toberbory for a bit of an explore...



Before driving off around the sinuous north and west coast.

We had a picnic at Calgary Bay - and Rafe got a yomp on the beach.

Rafe - Calgary Bay, Mull

Rafe - Calgary Bay, Mull

Before making our way back to Fishnish and, eventually, home to Kinlochleven.

Treshnish Islands from Mull

Wednesday, 5th October - Meall GhaordaidhKinlochleven and Signal Rock 

Rafe - Loch Leven from Caolasnacon

Rafe had his regular pre breakfast walk along the shore by the campsite, before we headed out for another hill walk - Meall Ghaordaidh.

Sunset reflected - Loch Leven

We returned to rose tinted mountains...

New moon from Signal Rock, Glencoe

We took a walk around An Torr to Signal Rock in the evening - it was lovely to be out in the gloaming...

Bidean nam Bian massif from Signal Rock

Thursday, 6th October 2016 - Around Kinlochleven.

West from Caolasnacon - Loch Leven

Sun rises over the mountains - above Loch Leven

After Rafie;s morning walk from the campsite and a leisurely breakfast, we drove west to Kinlochleven village.

A walk up to Grey Mares Tail Waterfall whetted our appetite for more coffee and cake. This time at the cafe at The Ice Factor ice climbing centre.

Grey Mares Tail waterfall, Kinlochleven

Loch Leven from Glen Coe Lochan walk

We wandered on, and took another walk around the lovely Glen Coe Lochan.

Glen Coe Lochan

Pap of Glencoe from Glen Coe Lochan

Glen Coe Lochan

Glen Coe Lochan

Glencoe mountains from near North Ballachulish

After tea at the campsite, we took another traipse west, along Loch Leven's south shore, into the sunset.

Sunset from Caolasnacon

Sunset from Caolasnacon

Gloaming - Loch Leven

Friday, 7th October 2016 - Back to Cannich

Loch Leven from Caolasnacon - views east

Time to go...

Sun rises over the mountains - Caolasnacon

We'll be back.

Saturday, 8th October 2016 - Beinn Sgritheall

Only photographs from the hill today, see link above.

Sunday, 9th October 2016 - Homeward bound.

A final walk around Cannich village woods - and coffee and cake at the Bog Cotton Cafe - and then back to Hopeman...

River Cannich in Cannich village

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