Saturday 23 July 2016

Another Paddle on River Morriston

After our enjoyable day in June, another paddle on the River Morriston seemed like a great idea.

We parked up at the layby on the A887, just west of the power station dam, lowered the canoe down over the rocks - and paddled off, upstream...

River Morriston - views west from near the dam

The water was faster than last time, so there were a couple of Hawaii 5.0 moments, all good fun!

Osprey nest by River Morriston

We slipped past the osprey nest we had observed last time, all was quiet...

Rapids (for us!) on the River Morriston

The water was lower through some of the rocks this time - too shallow to paddle through, so we got our feet wet a couple of extra times!

River Morriston reflections

River Morrison

We pulled the canoe up onto the bank near Dundreggan and crossed a field for lunch at the Redburn Cafe. It was a bit of a faff getting out of the field - the deer gate catch was immovable - so we had to climb the fence. This included hauling Rafie over - the old fogie can't manage to jump fences anymore - thank goodness for his harness.

Redburn bull

Redburn sheep

We had an excellent lunch at the cafe, sitting watching siskins in the garden, enjoying the almost sunshine.

Looking west along the River Morriston by Dundreggan

Before heading back across the field and back to the canoe.

River Morriston

We continued upstream for a while, exploring around the little islands and side streams.

River Morriston

At Torgyle Bridge, we turned around and enjoyed going with the flow - downstream...

By the River Morriston

We pulled into one of the little islands and had a picnic second lunch on a gravel bank - Rafie adding to the bank by collecting about 50 stones from the river bed - whilst we had cake and tea.

River Morriston - Rafe and Jim

We paddled on, east, through the "rapids" and down the river.

River Morriston - looking west towards Cluanie hills

As we glided past the osprey nest - we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of mum and dad...

Osprey - River Morriston

A wonderful end to great day on the water.

Osprey - River Morriston

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