Sunday 1 September 2013

Summer in Hopeman - 2013

Daisy Rock and Hive Rock

It seemed to go past so quickly...

Cove Bay

Here are a few photo's taken through the summer, May to August. There's quite a lot, but I was enjoying looking through, remembering the glorious summer, just gone, that I had trouble choosing....

In Clashach Cove

There aren't any sunsets, I'm saving them to keep us warm in mid winter...

Daisy Rock and Hive Rock again

The pictures are in chronological order. Enjoy...

Hopeman East Beach

Hopeman Harbour and Moray Firth from Daisy Rock

Across the Moray Firth

Rafe by Cove Bay

Hopeman Sandstone carved by the sea in Cove Bay

Golden Cove Bay

Hopeman Harbour with Burghead beyond

By Daisy Rock

There's still snow on Ben Wyvis (16th May)

Rafe by Clashach Cove

The Moray Firth

East from Daisy Rock

East Beach from the dunes - Hopeman

Hopeman sandstone, east of Hopeman

Looking east towards Cove Bay

Hopeman Harbour with Ben Wyvis to the west

Across the Moray Firth

Caves at Cove Bay

Rafe on the coast path, east of Hopeman

Hopeman and East Beach

Natural arch at Cove Bay

Rafe and Daisy Rock

Rafe has East Beach to himself

Daisy Rock and thrift

Miele Bothy, Roseisle Forest

Rafe and Caves, Cove Bay

North from Hopeman

Looking west from above the natural arch in Cove Bay

Hive Rock by East Beach

Rafe, near Hopeman

Hopeman Harbour

East Beach from by Hopeman Harbour

Rafe, East Beach, Hopeman

Rafe and East Beach again

Hopeman Harbour and the west from Daisy Rock

Cove Bay

Cove Bay and ancient sand dunes

Hopeman Harbour and East Beach

North, over The Moray Firth

East Beach

Fault - east of Daisy Rock

Primrose Bay, east of Hopeman

Clashach Cove

Primrose Bay, looking west

East of Daisy Rock

Hopeman and Harbour

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