Friday 30 November 2012

November - Hopeman

Ben Wyvis, Cromarty Firth and Nigg Point from Hopeman Harbour

With the longer nights upon us, I've been doing most of my weekday walking by torchlight. 

By Hopeman Harbour

But we've been lucky enough to have had some wonderful weather at the weekends this month - so here are a few of the photo's I've taken, whilst out and about, around Hopeman.

Hopeman Harbour

Across the Moray Firth from Hopeman - Morven

There's something about the colours up here.......

Rafe - Dunes, East Beach, Hopeman

North from East Beach, Hopeman

Oystercatchers caught napping- off East Beach, Hopeman

Dunes and Beach Huts - Hopeman

North from East Beach, Hopeman

Daisy Rock from East Beach, Hopeman

East Beach and Hopeman Harbour

Frost on Daisy Rock

Rafe does his washing
"The Unconformity" - East of Hopeman

North across the Moray Firth from Hopeman

East of Hopeman

North from the cliffs by Clashach Bay

Coconut flavoured - by Clashach Bay

Clashach Bay, from the Arch

The Arch - Clashach Bay

Rafe - Clashach Bay

A low sun highlights the dinosaur footprints above Clashach Bay

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