Saturday 14 July 2012

Lochindorb Canoe.

A day paddling around Lochindorb, with its legendary castle, the home of the Wolf of Badenoch.

Lochindorb - south west from NH982372

A bright but cold day, we set out from the car parking area on the north east shore at NH982372.

Lochindorb Castle.

We had great views all around, low and undulating in the north, more mountainous to the south.

Lochindorb, looking south west from near ford at NH977374

A bit of a paddle around to the north and west, before striking out (couldn't resist) to Lochindorb Castle, on its island near the east shore.

Lochindorb Castle

Lochindorb Castle, looking north.

We were the only people on the island - an excellent spot for lunch and a bit of an explore.

Lochindorb Castle, looking east.

Quite a bit of tall and prickly undergrowth put some of the island out of bounds for those of us without full length leg protection !!

Rafe, on guard at Lochindorb Castle

But there was plenty to see, and the odd scratch and/or nettle sting was worth it.

Lochindorb Castle, looking west.

Later, we carried on paddling south....

Lochindorb, Boat House at NH966359

.... and up the Glentarroch Burn until it became too shallow and rocky to follow further.

Glentarroch Burn, where it empties into the southern end of Lochindorb

A second lunch was taken on a sunny beach on the west shore.

Rafe, doing his washing in Lochindorb (NH964355).

South to the hills, Lochindorb.

Before paddling back towards our start point. Although we couldn'r resist circumnavigating the castle island once more.

Lochindorb Castle.

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