Sunday 12 February 2012

More Snow

The sky dropped another four inches of snow (to add to the three inches or so still on the ground) on Thursday afternoon and evening, over Wykeham Forest. About half of that landed on the dogs and me during our evening walk.

Wykeham Forest - Elven Wood (SE948864)

Both the dogs love the snow and its great to see them running and jumping about in it, scrabbling and digging, and pouncing on imaginary creatures underneath the blanket of white. When out in the dark, Rafe leaps five foot to catch snowflakes in the torch beam.

Wykeham Forest - Rafe and Hal
at the north end of Bee Dale Top (SE943870)


Here are a few photo's taken over the last couple of days.

Wykeham Forest - Elven Wood

Wykeham Forest - Rise Dikes from SE943868)

Wykeham Forest - The Big Flat Gorse Bush !!

Wykeham Forest - Rafe looks down into Bee Dale

Wykeham Forest - Looking south into Bee Dale (SE948867)

Wykeham Forest
Wykeham Estate boundary stone
Bee Dale Top

Wykeham Forest - Wykeham Estate boundary stone, Bee Dale Top,
the west side of the stone, demarking the Forestry Commission land
Rafe and Hal

Wykeham Forest - Bee Dale, looking north from SE952866

Today the snow has that glassy look, as if its ready to slump back into its liquid form without too much of a fight. Its definitely milder today, but there's still quite a lot of snow about, so it'll take a while to disappear.

Wykeham Forest - The Vale of Pickering, south from Bluebell Wood (SE950863).
The Yorkshire Wolds in the misty distance

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